How It Works

Subscription Boxes are a fun way of receiving a variety of items each month. Learn how it works!


The Subscription Box

• Boxes are shipped by the 10th of each month, starting the month after you sign up. 

• Your payment will be processed the day you sign up and your subscription automatically renews on the 25th of the month it would expire (so if you purchase a monthly plan, it would renew the following month, if you purchase a 3 month prepaid, it would renew the month you receive your 3rd box). If you purchase a gift for someone, you have the option to not have it renew.

•  You receive tracking information to your email when the box has shipped. Receive your box, share it with others, and enjoy!


The Shop

The shop is pretty self-explanatory. Find what you like, purchase, and it's shipped to you as quickly as possible. If you'd prefer to have your Shop order shipped with your next month's subscription box, just email us at and we'll give you free shipping and get it out for you when the box is sent!